Invaluable experience

This is a hugely exciting opportunity but can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the landscape. Ignition is fortunate to have worked with some fantastic top tier clients, working with them has been an invaluable experience and we would like to think they have learned some small things from us along the way. These are some of our key learnings.

impact of the mismatch in size

As a vendor delivering to large clients you cannot underestimate the impact of the mismatch in size, in this case it really does matter! Expect that areas which form part of your day to day job will have entire teams dedicated to them, a meeting with “security” could involve over half a dozen highly expert teams each with their own speciality. Having great documentation helps but there is a lot of work providing clarifications to the level required, it’s challenging work but also provides you with the opportunity to learn things to a depth you never thought possible.

The lean, “move fast and break things”, culture which serves start-ups so well can be at odds with other companies who value stability over speed.

Larger companies are working hard to be more nimble but it can feel like you are being hit with a wall of bureaucracy. Navigating this can be difficult, you absolutely must build relationships with client staff so they can act as your Sherpas, trust they will show you the best path and where the pitfalls are. You must find ways to align your processes with those of the client, adapting where necessary while staying true to your company’s core principles.

Overcoming the challenges

Working with top tier customers is not to be underestimated; the challenges are real but overcoming them provides opportunities to become a better company and perhaps just a little better prepared for dealing with the next top tier company.