Five years of digitisation

KPMG Australia experts recently highlighted that the world is about to witness 5yrs of digitisation occur in the space of 3-6months as a result of COVID19.

This is music to the ears of Ignition Advice. We have been working to digitise financial advice and product distribution for many years now. With the help of our client partners Bank of Ireland and HESTA we can proudly offer APAC and European financial service institutions a highly configurable, secure and quick to deploy digital advice solution for investments, life insurance and superannuation pensions.

If your advice or distribution business has ground to a halt, your offices are locked, and your advisers or sales teams cannot get out to meet clients and prospects then we would love to help!

Platform based solution

Our platform based solution will allow you to make the jump to ‘digital first’ faster, at a lower price point and with significantly less risk.

Ignition Advice can have you begin providing personal, quality, single-topic financial advice within weeks, not years. We will re-open your business and help you take a giant step toward what will be a much more digital future.

Ignition Wealth CEO Manish Prasad (left) and Co-Founder and inaugural CEO Mark Fordree

The Ignition Advice Digital Platform is bank-grade, GDPR compliant and produces a high-fidelity audit trail so you can restart your business, help your customers and meet your regulatory needs simultaneously.

We are very much looking forward to continuing working with more amazing customers.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our solution and how it is helping leading banks, wealth management groups, insurance companies and pension funds.